Lithan Academy Digital Marketing Review


In this Lithan Academy Digital Marketing review, we’ll explore the School’s benefits and Yu Hao’s success story. We’ll examine the Courses they offer, the Salary graduates make and the benefits of working as a consultant. After finishing our digital marketing course, Yu Hao landed an entry-level digital marketing executive job. In addition, Lithan Academy’s job placement services have helped students land positions in various industries.

Yu Hao’s success with Lithan Academy Digital Marketing

When he first enrolled in the course, Yu Hao was skeptical about the hands-on learning and online classroom experience. But he was pleased to discover that the course included plenty of hands-on activities. Through video conferencing, lecturers kept the discussions lively, and students were assigned real-life digital ad campaigns to manage. In addition, students learned how to use tools like Facebook and Google Analytics to increase their businesses.

While Yu Hao had a degree in marketing, she did not feel comfortable applying for jobs. She did not have the right marketing skills and was concerned that she might be unable to find a position that would satisfy her professional needs. But a friend of hers, who had gone through a similar experience, recommended that she go through e2i career counseling. Through the course, she rediscovered her passion for digital marketing and was soon in a position to apply her knowledge in her new position.

Although the blended learning setup reduced classroom time, it allowed students to maximize their time and learn at their own pace. In addition to the online learning platform, students attend flipped classes where lecturers focus on specific weak points. In addition, students also have mentoring sessions where they can practice their newly learned skills and complete real-world projects. This allows students to develop their digital marketing skills and gain practical experience, which they can apply immediately.

Courses offered

The courses offered at Lithan Academy are designed to give students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the digital marketing industry. They teach everything from social media tools to blog writing techniques and basic SEO. In addition, students learn how to create a website and use RSS feeds, podcasting, and social media for marketing products and services. There are 18 modules in the Digital Marketing Certificate program. The program is intended for entry-level workers looking to start their own business or improve their current one.

The training offered at Lithan focuses on building a better world by leveraging new technologies. The academy retrains Direct Sales Managers to use digital marketing tools and techniques. It offers a flexible schedule and mentorship to its students. Students can take advantage of Lithan’s integrated work-study feature to become industry-ready before completing the course. Lithan Academy’s Digital Marketing Review courses offer a mix of theory and practice.

This online course will give students the skills they need to succeed in digital marketing. Students can choose from various courses based on their interests. For example, they can specialize in cybersecurity, social media, or other fields. As a result, students will gain valuable credentials and enhance their resumes. The courses are offered in both classroom and online formats. Unlike traditional courses, the online courses at Lithan Academy are self-paced and offer flipped classes, which allow students to focus on their weakest areas.

Aside from offering online training in digital marketing, Lithan Academy offers professional development courses in several fields, including Microsoft Office, project management, IT, and soft skills. At Lithan Academy, experienced instructors with more than 30 years of experience teach courses. Courses are highly practical; students can learn digital marketing through hands-on training and dedicated live projects. In-person training is also available, which helps students develop their skills and prepare them for success in the field.

Salary for graduates

If you’re wondering how much a graduate of Lithan Academy can expect to earn, read on. This information is based on employee surveys. Although not publicly available, Lithan Academy’s graduates are likely to earn between Rs 5.4 lakhs and Rs 6.9 lakhs. After you complete your program, you’ll be able to find a job in the field of digital marketing, where you can use your new skills.

The course teaches you the fundamentals of digital marketing, including creating, promoting, and measuring ad campaigns. In addition to defining potential customers and analyzing them, you’ll learn about online marketing channels and measuring ROI. You’ll also learn how to make your digital products or services. And because over 4 million people are using the internet in Singapore, the digital industry is booming. You can tap into this growing trend and earn a handsome salary in this field.

Course consultants

If you’re looking for a digital marketing course consultant, you’re in the right place. As one of Singapore’s leading adult education institutions, Lithan Academy has an office in Mumbai, India. This traditional learning institution is evolving with the digital economy. From face-to-face adult education to Future Jobs and Skills providers, Lithan Academy is educating the next generation of technology professionals and helping fill the skills gap in the third platform.

After studying at Lithan Academy for six months, Yu Hao switched careers. She had worked as an IT support specialist for five years but wanted to switch careers. She found the answers to her career questions there. The academy specializes in IT and digital skills, so students are equipped to land the jobs they’re looking for after graduation. In addition, students can take advantage of Lithan Academy’s value-added services, such as job matching and interview coaching, to jump-start their careers.

For a career in the digital marketing sector, Lithan has many options for people interested in this field. Among them are online training courses. The course includes real-world projects, mentorship, and flexible learning schedules. In addition, Lithan Academy offers the Nanodegree in Marketing, which equips students with marketing fundamentals and Google analytics. Lithan Hall Academy offers these courses, a business education institution that uses innovative technology to provide affordable training programs.

Students can choose a degree program based on their industry experience. There are online courses available for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Experienced, licensed instructors teach courses with a diverse portfolio of experience. Students can pursue a master’s degree program in digital marketing upon graduation. A recent study revealed that students could select one of three majors – Social Media Marketing, Email Outreach, or Search Engine Optimisation.

Course content

If you are considering taking a digital marketing course in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. Courses at Lithan Academy will provide you with valuable skills and strategies to increase your brand’s effectiveness. From defining the best way to engage with your audience to leveraging digital analytics, you’ll find that these courses will help you improve your brand’s effectiveness. In addition, this comprehensive online marketing course is the perfect choice if you want to learn how to use social media platforms for business effectively.

The curriculum for the Digital Marketing course at Lithan Academy has been designed to teach students about the latest technologies and trends in digital marketing. The curriculum covers everything from search engine optimization to email outreach. Students can choose from majors in Search Engine Optimisation, Email Outreach, or Social Media Marketing. Course developers are well versed in the latest industry trends and are eager to help students become successful digital marketers. Learn more about Lithan Academy’s curriculum by looking at the courses listed below.

In addition to digital marketing, the curriculum also covers social media management and leveraging Google AdWords for Search Engine Marketing. The program will also teach students critical thinking and strategic planning for marketing campaigns. As a result, students will have the skills necessary to become social media and digital marketing specialists. They can then pursue a career in these areas. In addition to providing a great education, Lithan Academy offers a unique career path.

Another online digital marketing course is offered at Lithan Education’s PSB Academy. The PSB Academy focuses on online lead generation, integrating it with business studies. Both programs include online tools for working adults with a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of experience. Course content at Lithan Academy Digital Marketing includes social media marketing and Google Analytics. This diploma will improve your chances of employment as a digital marketing specialist.