Money Robot SEO- amazing Digital Marketing Tools!


If you are searching for a digital tool to boost your web sites campaign, Money Robot SEO is the best option. There are many such tools in the market, but Money Robot SEO is the best among them which you can get. It has a simple interface with most of the cumbersome tasks being pulled off by the tool. 

As a creator, this lets you think of things for the betterment of your website other than link building. In the age of digital marketing, SEO, and campaigns as essential as building a website. 

To direct traffic towards your portal, we need tools like Money Robot SEO. I have built links for SEO, and I know how time-consuming task that can be. It is also the costliest exercise that we perform in SEO, why the cost because of its too much laborious of work. Getting my hands-on Money Robot SEO is a blessing for me. Let me take you briefly through the tool and tell you why I love it.


Why I love Money Robot SEO


With Money Robot SEO, I can create costly backlinks in no time. It saves me a lot of money every time I do this exercise. Without an SEO tool, it’s, not possible to create and set accounts, follow all the workflows, and finally have a store up and running. Another name of the tool is Money Robot Submitter because it merely automates the whole process of submitting the links through backlinks without manual intervention. I can solely relax and think of stuff that is more important to me than wasting my time creating backlinks. Let us go through the mode of operation that Money Robot SEO follows.


Monetised sites or money sites like YouTube etc

The keyword feature gives you a high-level idea of which keywords to use. I also use a third-party keyword research tool and then export it into a text file format using the tool feature.

Suggestive Article title feature suggests the best-suited title for your article based on its contents. This tool also spins my writing as it has an inbuilt Spin Writer tool as well.


Suggestive writing feature allows me to add a ton of features like URLs, pictures, and lists into my article, which otherwise done manually would have been cumbersome, and I would not have done it at all.


The steps you follow once the installation is done are simple, set your proxies, create your customized campaign, and start making an account to kick backlinks.


The Most Cost-Effective SEO Tool


The last thing which we need to know is about the pricing of Money Robot SEO. It has both a subscription-based model and a one-time purchase. I went with the one-time purchase of the tool as it gives me peace of mind as nothing I have to spend anymore, and the device is my lifetime.

 The monthly subscription is around 67 dollars, while the one-time purchase is about 500 dollars. I think it’s it’seat deal as every time I use it, and I save a lot of money on backlinks and stuff.


Does this tool offer a free trial?

Yes, you can try the tool for 7 days and get your hands on it before purchasing the same

Can I create my own campaigns in the tool?

Once you install the tool the very first step is to create your own campaign. Don’t worry it's pretty straightforward to create one in Money Robot SEO

Can I add private proxies into Money Robot SEO?

Yes, it has the feature to support importing private proxies, you can just simply paste them in the tool and start off