Twitter Audience Platform – Best way to follow your target audience!


Twitter audience platform helps advertisers to grab their target audience! In this era of cut-throat competition, without proper advertisement, it won’t be easy to survive. As a brand owner, I took the initiative to outreach my products and services to many audiences creatively. Among all, the Twitter audience platform helped me to fulfill all my goals properly.

What is the Importance of Advertising?

Advertising is the process of making people aware of your brand. It is possible in varying forms:

  • In the state of paper 
  • Through social media platforms

As the advertisements published in the form of paper will remain accessible to a limited number of people, it is preferable to opt for online platforms. Considering this point, I decided to run my advertisement campaign on the exclusive Twitter audience platform

What are the Benefits of Running Advertisements on the Twitter Audience Platform?

Running advertisements on the Twitter audience platform made my ads displayed not only on the timeline of Twitter but also on other mobile apps. Regarding format, I had a plethora of options that include:

  • Full
  • Full landscape
  • Banner
  • Native
  • Medium rectangle

Based on my preference, I was successful in making the right choice. Post choosing the ad category, it became easy for me to go with the preferable option. Though I had the opportunity of excluding my advertisement from specific options, I still decided not to go with it. Doing so may affect my reaching potential. 

Before concluding, I decided to enter my website domain. It helped me a lot in marketing my brand. 

What must be the Preferable Size of the Advertisement?

I preferred to keep my advertisement size to a minimum so that every reader can enjoy going through it. Along with subjective description, I included few graphics to make it readable and enjoyable to all. The Twitter audience platform has helped a lot in marketing my brand in the best possible manner. 

Regarding payment, I am paying only for link clicks while linking my ad with other online campaigns. The algorithm helped optimize for link clicks to ensure that I successfully drove a maximum number of connections for my campaign across Twitter and other Twitter Audience Platform.

Regarding optimization for website conversions, the Twitter audience platform has provided the ability to optimize website conversions. With a broad reach to the audience, I have successfully marketed the products and services in the best possible manner.

How did I conclude with Registering with the Domain Name?

I was supposed to supply the website card’s domain name for registering the creative and participating exchanges. Such a significant step helped me to carry on with my goal of advertising my brand on the Twitter audience platform. At present, I am enjoying a wide range of users that has helped me enhance my economy at best. 

The tracking and measurement capabilities of Twitter provided me with daily reports and tracking of my success rate. Based on the inferences, I was able to work hard on my weak areas. Additional functionalities offered by the Twitter audience platform include the following:

  • Cross-device attribution legible post-view
  • Settings related to post-click attribution

The platform has proved to be the best in terms of mobile app growth strategy. 


Is it possible to convert advertisements to desired format?

Yes, they can be converted in the form of image, videos and infographic.

Will brand owners achieve achievable results?

Yes, provided they are successful in using the Twitter Audience Platform genuinely.

Does the platform provide the opportunity to improve?

Yes, through generating of reports; it will become easy to make certain improvements.