RAC Insurance Review – Is RAC Travel Insurance Right For You?


Regarding insurance for overseas trips, the RAC can offer several benefits. These include an increased baggage allowance and an uninsured driver’s promise. However, some key points should be considered before purchasing this cover. In this Rac Insurance Review, we’ll cover the differences between the various levels of coverage offered by this company.

RAC offers a range of levels of cover

RAC is a UK car insurance provider offering a range of cover levels. For example, you can choose a basic policy that offers third-party insurance or a comprehensive insurance plan that includes medical costs, courtesy cars, and personal possessions. In addition, you can choose optional extras that add extra levels of protection. You can also take advantage of the company’s uninsured driver promise and a guarantee on approved repairs.

RAC offers car insurance on two levels, and you can choose between the two based on your needs and the type of car you drive. Your excess will vary depending on your car type and driving experience, but choosing a higher amount can help you reduce the cost of your premium. You can also claim your excess if you were not at fault in an accident. You should review your policy schedule to understand exactly how much excess you should pay.

In addition to emergency assistance, RAC policies also cover medical expenses for those who need it. To make a claim, you must fill out a claim form and notify the company within 60 days of the incident. Be sure to submit any supporting documents you have to support your claim.

RAC travel insurance offers increased baggage allowance

If you’re planning a trip, RAC travel insurance may be the right option. This insurance company offers three levels of coverage, with optional extras. Its policies are administered by Hood Travel and underwritten by German insurer Great Lakes Insurance. A single-trip policy covers you for 94 days, while an annual multi-trip policy covers you for an unlimited number of trips.

In addition, the travel insurance company offers an increased baggage allowance and single-article limit. The RAC also offers a policy that covers valuables up to PS1,000. Additionally, the policy has a discretionary section for driving holidays. Moreover, it also offers coverage for unauthorized calls.

The policy also covers lost luggage, lost deposits, rental car excess, and emergency accommodation. The policy also covers legal liability and provides unlimited medical coverage. In case of injury or illness, the RAC travel insurance policy reimburses up to $15,000.

RAC car insurance offers uninsured driver’s promise

RAC car insurance offers uninsured drivers a promise to cover the cost of an uninsured car insurance claim. The company claims to provide 65% off car insurance for drivers without claims and works with an approved panel of car insurers. It offers competitive rates on car insurance, which may be a big draw for young drivers. The company also offers a discount for multi-car insurance. You can save up to 10% if you have more than one vehicle. It also offers short-term car insurance, increasing in popularity due to demand from learner drivers and those borrowing cars.

RAC car insurance has a Pay by Mile policy for young drivers. This plan is designed for those who drive less than 6,000 miles per year and does not require installation fees. This scheme is flexible enough to suit young drivers’ needs and does not affect the no-claims bonus. In addition, RAC guarantees to reimburse your excess if an uninsured driver hits your car.

RAC travel insurance does not cover alcohol

RAC travel insurance does not cover alcohol but a range of medical problems and emergency assistance. The policy has three levels of cover and optional extras. It is administered by Hood Travel and underwritten by German insurer Great Lakes Insurance. Those who do not want to travel with a complete medical policy may want to consider the Medical Only plan.

Travel insurance is an excellent way to protect yourself from unforeseen situations. Unfortunately, alcohol is excluded from many policies. This can be a significant problem because it impairs motor skills and judgment and puts you at risk; consuming alcohol while traveling can also increase the risk of an accident. Therefore, it is essential to understand the details of your insurance policy’s alcohol policy before purchasing a policy.

RAC travel insurance also offers a range of valuable benefits, including higher limits for baggage allowance and valuables coverage. In addition to increased baggage allowance, you can also choose a more comprehensive cover for certain types of activities, including winter sports. It also includes an optional discretionary driving holiday cover. You can also increase coverage for things such as unauthorized telephone calls.