Best Tips to Rank First on Google


You need to do if you what to get the best results from your sites is to rank first on Google. You need to rank first on Google, especially if you run an online business. Getting a great rank on Google means your page will most likely pop up first when someone searches for content you have on your website. This means that you get more exposure from Google and more website traffic in the end. If you are running a website, this is one thing you would thirst for, and we are going to help you do just that.To check out more about google authority stacking click here.

How to Rank First on Google

There are millions of websites on the internet, and that means regardless of your niche ranking first on Google is no easy fit. This means that you have to follow a few tips to make sure that you get that pole position, and the good news is we know exactly what you need to do.

How to Rank First on Google: Post!

The best way to gain traction in the webspace is to post as much as you can. The more articles you have, the more search matches you are likely to have. Most people tend to be a little sceptical and reluctant to create content, which is why they are not at the top. You have to understand that millions of websites are constantly updating and posting new stuff. You need to keep up.

If you are posting pictures, you need to alt tag them for Google to pick them p. If you struggle with writing, pictures and videos, we also do, and they are, in essence, an easier way to get visibility.

How to Rank First on Google: Keywords

The most important part of getting traffic and ultimately being ranked first on Google is the correct use of keywords. Keywords are the search queries that your website content should address. Determining the best keywords will give you a better chance of ranking first on Google. The best way to choose keywords is to phrase them as questions. This is because most search queries are questions. 

One thing that will push you further away from the Google first page is stuffing keywords. Staffing keyword is just placing keywords in an article without proper coherence to increase the particle density. Google can detect this, and well, the consequences are dire. 

How to Rank First on Google: Mobile Optimization

Google rankings nowadays have another thing they consider when ranking websites. This is the efficiency of using your site on mobile. Most of the browsing on Google nowadays is done on mobile devices. This means that your website has to be optimized for mobile usage. If you do not do that, your chances of making g in on that Google first page will be slim. Invest in the mobile version of your website just as much as you do for the desktop version, and you will rank first on Google faster than you can imagine.

How Rank First on Google: Use A Simple UI 

One mistake that webpage developers make is creating complex websites in pursuit of uniqueness. Doing this will do nothing but make the user experience terrible, and that is the last thing you would want for your site. Try to create a simple User Interface that will be able to accommodate a huge number of people. By doing this, you will effectively improve your site’s Google rank.

Getting to rank first on Google is amazing, and if you follow these steps well, you will be posting Google’s first page in no time. 


Can a simple UI get you to rank first on Google?

Yes a simple usable UI will help you get the first rank on Google

Is a mobile version important when it comes to Google rankings?

A mobile version of your website is important in terms of Google site rankings

Is keyword use important if you want to rank first on Google?

Yes, it is very important to use keywords if you want to be ranked first on Google.