PDF Backlinks – Best Weapon for Bloggers


PDF Backlinks are a suitable way to get traffic as well as to gain authority to your website. It is one of the best content marketing strategies. It helps in positioning your brand in the minds of your customers as well as gain brand recognition. It enables the brand to spread more information about them on some of the most visited document platforms on the web. The idea behind PDF submission should be to provide as much helpful information as possible combined with rich media rather than thinking only about getting a backlink from those platforms.

PDF submissions are essential for SEOs and one of the best backlink techniques. A PDF file needs to get optimized for high rankings in search engines and better results. With pdf file submission, you can bring your blog to the top of the SERP. In other words, PDF submission is an SEO backlink creation technique to promote your content in PDF or PPT, or DOC format. Various high-quality PDF submission sites will help gain you a lot of traffic for the website.

Best Way to Submit Your PDF Backlinks

It is essential to keep in mind that the stuffing of appropriate keywords is the basic need. The keyword is a significant item in PDF Backlinks to improve rankings in search engines. The content in the PDF should be engaging and worth reading.

Step 1: Write an article or blog in MS-Word with the keyword chosen. Make sure you make separate subheadings for topics. You can give hyperlinks for your keyword.

Step 2: Convert your Word Document into PDF Format.

Step 3: Upload the PDF to various PDF sharing websites.

Exclusive Benefits of PDF Backlinks

PDF Backlinks are a vital SEO marketing tool. It is the most popular and cost-efficient tool used for digital marketing. You can change your blog/article into a PDF file and manually submit it to the most popular & trusted PDF sharing websites; PDF submissions are essential to give a new push to your online business ranking. Here are some benefits.

  • Millions of users visit your site for content on your website. Uploading your PDF file for people to read automatically increase the visibility of your website. Thus, help you in the enhancement of your website.
  • When you submit PDF files on your site, you get high-quality links to your site as most websites are linked, blogs directories and social media sites, etc.


  • With improved SRPF, your website will organically gain traffic.
  • Uploading PDF files helps you to gain the rank of your page. This rank can easily get manipulated by attracting more audience by increasing the number of documents on your website.
  • If you wish to keep the HTML back up, don’t mind adding a canonical tag to serve headers. It brings power and aura to the website. SEO is a powerful tool that brings limelight to HTML content.

Sites for Uploading PDF Backlinks For Free

There are various websites you can upload your PDF files online, but the key is to understand that not many give the exposure that PDF Backlinks need. Search engines read PDF same way as HTML. These sites are frequently updated, and hence search engines crawl these sites more often. Slideshare.net, Issue.com, Scribd.com, Calamro.com, Authorstream.com, Yudu.com, and Box.com are some free and best sites to upload your blog/article. This updated list of Top PDF submission sites will help you promote your content in PDF format.


What is the full form of PDF?

The full form of PDF is Portable Document Format.

What are the other formats allowed in PDF Backlinks?

They allow uploading documents in many formats like the word (*.doc) venerable PDF (*.pdf) or Open Office Word (*.odt).