Schuber Mitchell Homes Reviews


If you’re in the market for a new home, consider Schuber Mitchell Homes. They build quality, affordable homes in southwest Missouri. The company was formed in 2011 after the Joplin tornado. Since then, the company has grown to build communities and offer safe, affordable housing to families.

Founded in 2011

A local builder in Joplin, MO, Schuber Mitchell Homes is committed to building safe and quality communities. Their homes are designed to be energy efficient, and they offer many features to improve comfort and function. They also provide contact services.

Dan and Daman Mitchell, the company’s founders, are committed to serving their community. Their work includes helping families find affordable housing. In addition, they are involved with vital ministries worldwide.

The company’s headquarters are located in Webb City, MO. Its hours of operation are seven thirty to five on Monday through Friday. There is one main contact person who handles all inquiries. However, two other people work with the company.

Average hourly pay

If you’re in the market for a new home, you may have heard of Schuber Mitchell Homes. The company is an Arkansas-based home builder that specializes in move-in ready homes in Northwest Arkansas. They are known for their quality floor plans, a wide range of models, and friendly customer service. As you look around at their various communities, you’ll notice that they are doing their best to take the land development game to the next level.

You can find a wide variety of new and pre-owned homes for sale anytime. There are also rate lock programs for buyers building new construction homes.

Employee-owned company

Schuber Mitchell Homes, a leading home builder in the Joplin area, started in the wake of the 2011 tornado. The company was founded by longtime Joplin area residents but has since grown to become one of the largest home builders in the region. With a commitment to building communities and making a difference, the company has much to be proud of.

The company has a long list of accolades, including being recognized by several publications as one of the best small companies to work for in the area. It also has a growing list of employee-owned companies and is on track to build 800 homes by 2021. In addition to serving a wide variety of clients, the company also prides itself in having a philanthropic bent.

Brick veneer homes

If you consider building a new home, you might consider a brick veneer house. These are similar to solid brick houses but require much less maintenance. They also offer several advantages.

A brick veneer is a single brick layer, often with a decorative finish. It is installed on the house’s exterior wall, near the windows and doorjambs. This type of construction is not as sturdy as a structural brick wall but durable and fireproof. Moreover, you can install a brick veneer after your home is built.

The most apparent distinction between a brick veneer and a solid brick wall is how they are constructed. While the former comprises a single layer of bricks, the latter is built of two side-by-side brick walls. Although solid brick houses are load-bearing, they are poor insulators, and moisture may be able to penetrate the wall.

Short build time

In Joplin, MO, Schuber Mitchell Homes is a community developer that offers affordable homes for families in the area. Founded in 2011, this company has a strong foundation and a commitment to the community. It has served nearly 2,000 families throughout Southwest Missouri. Now, it’s expanding to Carthage, Decatur, and Springdale, AR.

Joe Harris founded the company. He started as a landlord but realized he had the skills to build and fix foreclosed homes. So he invested in the company. Today, the company has a team of experienced professionals.

Home buyers can choose from several floor plans. These models range in size from 800 to 3100 square feet. They include an oversized kitchen, a formal dining room, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a second living space.

No need for a construction loan

If you are considering buying a home from a new builder, you may want to consider Schuber Mitchell Homes. This company has a reputation for being one of the best builders in the area and providing excellent customer service.

One of the most significant benefits of shopping with this company is that they don’t require a construction loan. Therefore, you don’t need to pay down a down payment as long as you own qualified land. Also, you won’t have to worry about paying any closing costs.

The company offers multiple warranties. They include a two-year builder warranty and a five-year structural warranty. In addition, they will provide you with appliance warranties.