FxPro Trader FX Review


If you are new to the world of forex trading, you may not know where to start. The best way to learn is to start with a demo account. This way, you can practice until you are comfortable. Eventually, you can begin to trade using real money. There are a few different demo accounts, including one that allows you to change using the MT4 platform.


FxPro is a broker that caters to all types of traders. It offers a range of trading platforms, including the MetaTrader 4 desktop and cTrader. You can also use the FxPro Direct app, which is available for iOS and Android. This app is designed to be user-friendly and customizable, making it easy to manage your account.

The FxPro portal provides a wide variety of information, including the latest news and analysis. Traders can also set up alerts to be notified when a certain price level is reached. Additionally, the Economic Calendar helps you stay up-to-date on essential market releases.

FxPro offers fixed spreads and variable spreads. The former is ideal for scalping, while the latter is perfect for long-term investing. In addition, FxPro has a variety of payment methods. For example, users can choose between Skrill, UnionPay, Neteller, and other services.

FxPro also offers a range of asset classes. In addition to forex, the broker also offers futures, commodities, and indices.


The cTrader Pro trader FX platform is used by many traders. It offers professional trading tools and advanced protection.

Traders can use a demo account to try the platform out. In addition, there are more than 50 technical indicators, and several different charts to choose from.

Traders can also access a large selection of tradable products. The trading platform supports over 70 forex pairs and 180 futures, stock indices, and commodities. This makes TD Ameritrade a more comprehensive and diverse option than many competitors.

cTrader features a volume-weighted average price view, which shows the average price of a given trade size. cTrader also offers multiple charting options and tools to help you analyze the data.

cTrader provides a high-quality, intuitive design. It is user-friendly for beginners and offers plenty of customization for more experienced traders.

cTrader is a popular platform among ECN brokers. It features extensive tools, from order processing to automated trading.

Education section

While FxPro has an ideal trading platform, the company’s educational section could use more than a few video tutorials. The site boasts a YouTube channel, but it’s buried in the FAQ section. As a result, its education section falls short of the competition. However, the site’s trading and research sections are top-notch.

For starters, the site is well-capitalized and offers tight spreads on cTrader. It also provides a surprisingly robust array of tradable instruments, a feat most brokers haven’t achieved in recent memory. And, as the name suggests, FxPro is well-regulated across five jurisdictions and can even execute large orders for professional traders.

What’s more, the site has an in-house trading and research division. The firm has won over 80 industry awards, and its impressive library of research material is well worth a look. Traders can access the research via their browser or a mobile app.

Research & news

You can use several different sites to get the latest news, research, and analytics on the financial markets. Depending on your needs and trading style, you may find one of the following resources best fits you. Whether you’re a beginner looking for simple guidance or an experienced investor with a sophisticated portfolio, there’s a site that’s right for you.

Several services are designed specifically for pro traders. This includes Fundamentals Explorer, which allows you to access more than 5,500 analyst ratings and fundamental data from Thomson Reuters on over 30,000 companies. Another service is MNI’s News Insights, which links breaking news to the effects on the capital markets. The news service aims to give you “All Signal, No Noise” so that you can make well-informed trading decisions.