The Business of Fashion Magazine


The Business of Fashion (abbreviated to BoF) is an online publication dedicated to fashion. Since 2007, BoF has become an invaluable source of knowledge for industry professionals worldwide.

Voices is an events wing with a live feed of breaking news that offers daily digest and event coverage. Furthermore, there’s an education section and job listings; its content strives for balance reporting.

What is BoF?

BoF is a fashion business publication that provides information to top fashion retailers and brands in addition to regular news coverage. BoF also hosts conferences and offers professional development resources for fashion professionals.

Imran Amed, the founder of BoF magazine, arrives at his low-key office every morning at 5.30 am to read fashion industry headlines before checking his urgent work emails. Amid flowers and copies of BoF on his desk are several expensive reference books and other treasures of knowledge that fill his desk daily.

Amed began his company as a personal endeavor to address gaps in global fashion business coverage. Soon, Amed attracted an enormous following of fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders. His scoops, such as Kate Moss launching her agency, helped build credibility for his site.

BoF is a coming-of-age fashion magazine.

After its founding by Amin Amed, BoF’s daily email briefings quickly became prominent among fashion business insiders, who displayed keen journalistic instincts and demonstrated a profound understanding of fashion’s ever-evolving dynamics. Over time, Amed raised investment and built an exceptional editorial team.

BoF’s latest issue explores Gen-Z and fashion in an age of realism. It highlights how this new generation engages with fashion, identifying six distinct personality clusters and studying their behavior via social media analysis, surveys, and focus groups.

E-commerce poses a significant threat to fashion businesses, so its leading media should lead the charge in helping fashion businesses adapt. Yet keeping pace with change may prove daunting for any publication.

BoF is the Economist of Fashion

Amed has used his business credentials — including McGill and Harvard Business Schools degrees and consulting jobs with McKinsey & Company — to establish as fashion’s most prominent news source. His community grows exponentially with each launch: an email briefing (still delivered daily at 5.30 am), a careers section, and a BoF 500 ranking of fashion’s most influential people.

Amina Muaddi of Jordan earned her spot on this year’s BoF 500 list through the success of her namesake label and her charitable endeavors, such as campaigning for minimum wages in Bangladesh and speaking out against sexual harassment in fashion industry supply chains. Thus becoming one of the fashion industry’s most extraordinary talents.

BoF is a platform for designers.

BoF’s journalists are composed of full-time staff as well as freelancers. Their writers cover all aspects of the fashion business, from trends to finance, providing analysis and expert opinion. This approach makes it easier for readers to find the answers they are searching for quickly.

The site provides news & analysis, markets, industry insights, events, profiles, and the coveted BoF 500 list of insider power players. Through their journalism, they have helped to rebrand fashion as more than just an industry associated with glamour.

BoF’s editors abide by conflict-of-interest regulations to ensure they never allow their financial activities to influence what they write; furthermore, investors have signed documents guaranteeing editorial independence for this company.

BoF is a community

BoF stands out from other publications by producing authentic, thought-provoking content focusing on social issues and cultural trends ranging from celebrities’ lives to interviews with designers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

BoF was established by Imran Amed in 2007, quickly expanding from being a single-person endeavor into one that ranks highly on many fashion insiders’ reading lists. Today it boasts careers, events, education departments, and biannual print editions for its readership.

BoF is a global media company with an editorial philosophy built upon balance, fairness, and integrity in journalism. BoF does not cater editorial content to commercial partners or investors and provides ad-free products.