Business of Fashion


Imran Amed initially started the fashion business as a labor of passion for providing informed, analytical, and opinionated commentary on the fashion industry. Their journalism is founded on fair reporting practices emphasizing balance, fairness, and integrity.

The site provides daily updates for fashion creatives, executives, and entrepreneurs. Utilizing its network of savvy writers and fashion insiders in style capitals around the globe to deliver fashion business intelligence on emerging designers, technologies, and global brands.

Business of Fashion

Business of Fashion (BoF) is an emerging fashion media company designed for today’s globalized and hyper-connected world. Established by Imran Amed in 2007, BoF is recognized worldwide as an authoritative, agenda-setting source on global fashion industry developments – an indispensable resource for fashion creatives, executives, and entrepreneurs in over 200 countries.

The Business of Fashion offers independent journalism, practical business advice, online learning opportunities, and career-building tools that connect, inspire and empower the global fashion community. Their offices are inside Moray House – a converted block behind Topshop on Oxford Street.

Rutgers Fashion Center is home to #BoF500, an international network of fashion leaders and pioneers and the platform for some of the most influential individuals in fashion. BoF Careers is an innovative new way for talented professionals to find opportunities within the fashion industry. Furthermore, it supports Rutgers Business School’s highly acclaimed Business of Fashion programs offering MBA-style curriculums tailored explicitly for the fashion and luxury industries.


Fashion and business have become inextricably linked, leading many fashion students to pursue careers in both areas. More universities are providing courses on fashion business – such as marketing, financial management, merchandising, and sourcing – while some even offer internship opportunities with leading fashion brands that can help students secure employment within the industry.

Established by Imran Amed in 2007, Business of Fashion is an online membership community and the authoritative voice for the $2.5 trillion fashion industry. They aim to open, inform and connect this global fashion ecosystem through independent journalism, online learning platforms, career-building tools, and immersive events and experiences.

The Business of Fashion’s education and training programs aim to develop new leaders by connecting the executive with creative sectors of the fashion industry. Their comprehensive MBA-type curriculum gives students from top business schools worldwide access to this experience.


Business of Fashion was founded by fashion business advisor, writer, and digital entrepreneur Imran Amed in 2007 to fill a need for informed, analytical, and opinionated insights on fashion industry issues. Now recognized as an influential media platform covering fashion business affairs, Business of Fashion serves fashion creatives, executives, and entrepreneurs in over 200 countries daily as an indispensable source of knowledge and guidance.

The Marketing Correspondent should utilize their sourcing skills and in-depth knowledge of marketing, advertising, and media to break the news, provide analysis and write compelling features about these industries. Furthermore, they will identify data sources that support and drive stories – with charts at their center being essential components of coverage.

Rutgers MSBF offers an unparalleled and flexible business training course designed to equip those seeking employment in fashion with an impressive business foundation. Combining academic business school training with industry insights from expert faculty members, this unique and flexible program equips graduates for success in this booming sector.


Fashion companies operate across a complex global environment with various trade policies, political challenges, currencies, laws, infrastructures, and cultures affecting their operations. Our business of fashion students gains insight into developing strategic management skills and critical thinking and decision-making techniques necessary for successfully operating in this dynamic marketplace.

BOF is an authoritative voice in fashion news, representing an industry estimated at $2.5 trillion worldwide. BoF aims to combine independent journalism with practical business advice, online learning tools, career-building opportunities, and immersive events and experiences to give its readers what they need to succeed in the fashion business.

BOF Insights used YouGov self-serve and serviced surveys to quickly gain a global perspective of consumer attitudes about the resale market, quickly fielding surveys in significant markets with reliable data and tailored options to collect critical insights for their inaugural research report on consumer behavior and identify opportunities for fashion brands. Their inaugural research report provided them with a valuable strategic advantage that continues to benefit their firm as it grows and evolves.