Trade Explorer EA MyFxbook Review


Trade Explorer EA Myfxbook is a Forex Robot that offers a trading strategy that has been proven to be profitable. Its features include 27 currency pairs and a 24-hour monitoring service. Unfortunately, although the software is compatible with several different trading strategies, it does not have a detailed explanation of its trading methods.

Profitable forex robot

LeapFX Trade Explorer is a reliable Forex Expert Advisor (EA) with an average monthly profit of 7 to 10%. In addition, the EA has a high win rate and can be run on a wide range of currency pairs.

A group of professional traders develops this EA, putting in long hours of optimization and testing to produce a powerful and profitable robot. They have also made several other expert advisors.

Trade Explorer is a fully automated Forex trading system. It is programmed to monitor the market 24 hours a day and search for profitable trading opportunities. In addition, it also features a flexible money management system that can adjust according to the market’s varying scenarios.

Trade Explorer is compatible with 27 currency pairs. It has a maximum drawdown of 7%. However, a client’s risk tolerance is based on their personal preferences.

It is easy to get started with Trade Explorer. Traders can get a free trial version or a complete software package. There are also free updates for the software.

Compatible with 27 currency pairs

If you’re into forex trading, you have probably heard of the fabled 28 currency pairs. The namesake may be the most popular and lucrative pair, but that’s no reason to neglect the other ’ems. While they are not always the most liquid, they have a lot of sways. This is especially true of the lesser-known ones. For example, the euro and the US dollar may have a lot of common ground, but they don’t share much in the way of liquidity.

Choosing the correct currency to trade is a difficult task. First, you must consider your budget and the amount of risk you’re willing to take. Among other things, you need to decide whether you will take the hit on an exchange rate move. Luckily, there are several tools at your disposal to help you decide which currency pair to invest in. Some of them are available on your desktop, and others are mobile.

24/7 MONITORING service

MyFxBook is a unique trading platform that offers a host of services to investors. It provides a forum, a trader community, access to brokers, managed accounts, and a wide range of analytical tools. The platform also features contests.

MyFxBook was initially conceived as an analytical tool for MT5 and MT4 users. However, after it received a CySEC license in 2014, the company improved its analytical capabilities.

Investors can view detailed information about their accounts, including transactions and performance. They can also set filters to find the appropriate forex strategy for their needs. In addition, the user can copy trades.

There is no guarantee that the software will perform as advertised. Historical results are not a reliable guide to future performance.

For beginners, MyFxBook is ideal because it combines advanced analytical and trading platform functions. However, it is not without its downsides. These include the potential for scams. Fraudsters can easily manipulate the system to provide false statistics.