Webmaster tools site performance: you need to know best this!


A fast review of Google webmaster tools site performance.

The Google webmaster tools site performance summary displays a chart of the aggregated speed numbers for the website, based on the pages most commonly visited by users using the Google Toolbar with the PageRank function allowed. Through using data from Google Toolbar users, you don’t have to think about us checking your site from a spot that your users don’t use.To read more click here.

For eg, if your site is in Germany and all the users are in Germany, the chart would represent the loading time as seen in Germany. Similarly, if the customers mostly use dial-up (or high-speed broadband) connections, this will also be expressed in these figures. If only a few visits to your site are using the Google Toolbar, we will not be able to view this data in Webmaster Software.

The line between the red and green parts of the map is the 20th percentile — only 20 percent of the places we search are quicker than this. This website is pretty similar to the 20%-mark, which sites will we have to focus on first?

Many sites are mentioned in tens of articles, you will know them.

Now, let me take you to something more important!

Test your page’s load speed.

Webmaster tools site performance most asked question: How quick is your website loaded?

This problem is becoming more and more important to the online marketer as the attention span decreases and the number of distractions increases. But page load speed doesn’t only affect ads from the customer interface point of view, it also has an impact on the SEO of the website and the potential to rank. Overall, when you break it down, the SEO goals are to expand marketing to the online objectives of your company.

The effect of the page load speed on Search Engine Optimization and Ranking is not news-breaking. Google has consistently confirmed over the years that it uses site speed as a search ranking metric. What you may not know is that Google has built a helpful little feature in Google webmaster tools site performance to give you insight into how quickly Google can crawl/load your website.

So, let’s just get to it.

To test your page’s load speed in Google webmaster tools site performance, you have to follow these steps:

1. Sign on to Google Webmaster Tools (GWMT)

2. Check your website in GWMT (if you haven’t already)

3. To access the Web Dashboard, click on your site name.

4. Click Crawl on the left side of the menu

5. Tap on Google Fetch

6. Enter the page you’d like to try, and press the Red Fetch button.

7. You should leave the text box empty to test your homepage

8. Let Fetch as Google churn and the URL update from Pending to Complete

9. To see the specifics of the crawl, press the Full Status tab.

10. Display the Download Time area (at the bottom of the tab) for your page load speed, in seconds, according to the Google Racer.

What are the Webmaster Tools site performance for?

The tools, in general, is Offered as a free service to anyone who owns a website, Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) provides you with insights from the world's largest search engine, provides insight into how your website is viewed, and lets you find problems that need to be solved.

Who's the webmaster of the site?

The webmaster is responsible for managing one or more websites. The title may apply to web architects, web developers, website writers, website administrators, website managers, website coordinators, or website publishers.