Who is the Owner of The Business of Fashion (BoF)?


Bof, or boffin in French, has become a universal expression of indifference or disregard.

Imran Amed launched BoF from his couch in 2007. Since then, the site has provided fashion professionals with insights and opinions into the fashion business from an economic standpoint. BoF now enjoys global reach and features careers (BoF Careers), education guidance (BoF EdGuides), biannual print editions, and the BoF 500 power list – making it the go-to resource.

Imran Amed

Imran Amed is the founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of fashion news authority The Business of Fashion (BoF). Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Amed studied economics at McGill University before relocating to London to become a McKinsey management consultant.

BoF’s refreshing approach to the fashion business immediately earned attention and credibility from its launch. Over time, the site quickly expanded beyond newsletter format into an ecosystem comprising career advice sections, education guidance guides, podcasts, biannual print editions, and an annual VOICES Summit event.

BOF also operates an innovative merchandising division that offers customized gravity-flow shelving solutions for refrigerated sections in grocery, convenience, liquor, and truck stop stores. Their solutions allow retailers to store more products while simultaneously cutting labor and energy costs; BOF was founded in 2006 and operated out of Aurora, Illinois, with LaSalle Capital’s dedicated mezzanine strategy providing subordinated debt and equity investments as part of this acquisition process.

Founder & CEO

Imran Amed is the founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of The Business of Fashion (BoF), a modern media company and authoritative voice of the $2.5 trillion fashion industry. Born in Canada with an MBA from Harvard Business School, he worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Co before founding BoF.

BoF stands out from other fashion publications by taking an approachable and comprehensive approach to covering fashion industry news from multiple angles, featuring news; a careers platform where companies pay to highlight their culture and job listings; exciting sponsored events; and biannual print magazines with some advertising content.

BoF VOICES writers also address various social issues, including mental health and the use of underage models. At this year’s BoF VOICES event, pioneering 89-year-old Dame Stephanie Shirley shared how she overcame a sexist workplace to build a $3 billion technology company; other stories examined topics like Trump’s tariffs or why beauty brands should cater more toward women going through menopause.

Headquartered in London

BoF is a fashion business news website established in 2007. The site covers news, business analysis, history, education, technology, culture, and career opportunities for fashion professionals.

BoF’s website is available in multiple languages, including Chinese. Editors from London and Shanghai collaborate closely to produce content for BoF’s global audience.

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BoF generates revenue in addition to subscriptions through events wing Voices and online education and job listings sections of its website. BoF also ranks its 500 most influential people in fashion as an invaluable marketing tool and an impressive achievement; competitors of this website include Dazed, Drapers, and Women’s Wear Daily.

The BoF’s mission is to serve as the premier source of fashion business information and its impact on society, culture, and economy. Its website and magazine approach fashion from various perspectives – politics and environmental sustainability.

Pyer Moss designer Kerby Jean-Raymond recently took issue with BoF for encouraging sexism and racism within the industry, alleging he felt gaslighted, excluded, and insulted at BoF’s seventh annual 500 gala event. BoF apologized profusely for this experience while their editor-in-chief expressed regret that his actions caused upset or disrespect, promising changes at BoF.